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Coastal Environmental Change(CEC) Group

The research group of Coastal Environmental Change (CEC) is led by Dr. Fengling Yu, including two Master students, Liangrong Zou and Tian Xia. The primary research in my CEC group focuses on understanding sediment sources, processes and records in the coastal system from seasonal to millennial time timescales. The coastal environment is a complex system, under interaction of fluvial, estuarine, marine impact. At the meanwhile, processes such as resuspension also play an important role on the sediment transportation and accumulation. We employ a range of interdisciplinary proxies, e.g. sedimentology, geochemistry and geophysics, to reconstruct the coastal environment evolution history over timescales and to explore their driving mechanisms towards a safer coast.

Research Interests
  • Sediment sources, processes and records in the Taiwan Strait area from the “Source to Sink” perspective
  • Geological records of coastal hazards in southern China during the late Holocene
  • Reconstruction of the Holocene sea-level history in the southern China coast

Research Collaborations
The CEC Group works closely with other research groups, e.g. the River-Estuary Research Union (led by Nengwang Chen, XMU), Taiwan FLATES Team (led by James T. Liu, Taiwan), Sediment Geochronolg and Seabed Processes Group (led by Steve Kuehl, VIMS) etc.