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Marine Sedimentary Geochemistry & Oil, Gas and NGH Resource Group

The research group of marine sedimentary geochemistry and resource of oil, gas and NGH (natural gas hydrate) is headed by Dr. Huaiyan Lei, including three Doctoral students: Yang Yufeng, Zhangjie, Kongyuan and three Master students: Lin Zhongliang, Luyi, and Chenyong. And nearly 30 students have already graduated.

Dr. Huaiyan Lei is also the editorial member of Journal of Paleogeography, Natural Gas Geoscience, Journal of Applied Oceanography. He was in charge of more than 10 projects, including 75, 85, 95 State Key Research Projects and the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program). He had chaired 8 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and over 30 Scientific Research Projects Consigned by Enterprises, such as Dagang, Liaohe, Shengli and so on. More than 100 papers were published in core periodical at home and abroad, like SCI, EI, CSCD. Additionally, he was awarded the State Natural Science Award, National Science Progress Award and other awards, which added up to 11.

Selected Publications
  1. Lei Huaiyan, CAO Chao, OU Wenjia, GONG Chujun, SHI Chun-xiao. Carbon and oxygen isotope characteristics of foraminiferan from the northernSouth China Sea sediments and their significance to late Quaternary hydrate decomposition. Journal of Central South University of Technology, 19(6): 1728-1740, 2012.
  2. Lei Huaiyan, Liu Zhihong, Xu Maoquan, Guan Baocong, Predicting Terrestrial Flagstone Reservoirs in the Sha-I Member of the Qibei Depression in the Dagang Oilfield, ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA, Vol. 78 No. 3 June 2004, P701-714.
  3. Lei Huaiyan, Zheng Yanhong, Wu Baoxiang, Equilibriaum PT curve of Methane Hydrates in the Presence of AlCl3, Chinese Science Bulletin. 2003. Vol.48, No.1.
  4. Ou Wenjia, Lei Huaiyan*, Lu Wanjun, Zhang Jie, Shi Chunxiao, Gong Chujun, Han Chao. Lipid distribution in marine sediments from the northern South China Sea and association with gas hydrate. Acta Geologica Sinica. (1), 2014.
  5. Chao Cao, Huaiyan Lei*. Geochemical characteristics of pore water in shallow sediments from north continental slope of South China Sea and their significance for natural gas hydrate occurrence. 2011 International Conference on Earth Sciences and Engineering (ICESE 2011): 485-488.
  6. Guan Baocong, Lei Huaiyan*.Magnitude of dissociation of methane hydrate reservoir associate with climate change. 3rd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (iCBBE 2009): 271-276.

The research interests and the main research projects
  • Deposition course and sedimentation
    The Badain Jaran Desert sedimentary characteristics and provenance analysis, National research project.
    Formation mechanism of coastal sand in Fujian province and the control countermeasure of sand dunes hazard, Provincial government funded project.
  • Sedimentary environment and global climate change
    Sedimentary pattern in Pingtan area, National research project.
    Feasibility study of coastal protection and restoration in Quemoy (Jinmen), cooperation with National Sun Yat-Sen University project
  • Marine oil and gas resources and gas hydrate
    Basic study on gas hydrate accumulation laws and exploitation in the South China Sea, National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program).
    Research on the sulphate-methane system prosumer mechanism and its interface (SMI) characteristics of the sediments in the northern South China Sea, National Natural Science Foundation of China.
    Research on biomarkers and molecular biology of methnogenesis and anaerobic oxidation of methane in gas hydrate system, National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Field practice and Exchanges