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Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology Group (PPG)

  • Understanding the sedimentary organic matter (SOM) dynamics in the marine marginal seas of the Western & North Pacific and Indian Ocean using C and N isotopes mixing models and bromine to organic carbon ratio
  • Deciphering the dominant control of SOM in these environments in terms of glacial-interglacial climates for the last ~50 ka
  • Establishing high-resolution marine 15N records for the past ~50 ka from the Arabian Sea
  • Reconstructing the Holocene Asian monsoon and environmental changes from lake and marine sedimentary archives
  • Investigating Earth’s critical zone processes in East Asia to understand tropical-subtropical weathering-climate link on modern as well as glacial-interglacial timescales

  1. Associate Professor:
    Dr. SELVARAJ KANDASAMY (selvaraj@xmu.edu.cn)
  2. Graduate Students:
    Mr. WANG HUAWEI (王华伟) (22320141151376@stu.xmu.edu.cn)
    Ms. LIU QIANQIAN (刘倩倩) (22320141151311@stu.xmu.edu.cn)
    Mr. WANG LIN (王林) (532046572@qq.com)
    Mr. YANG CAN (杨灿) (22320161151365@stu.xmu.edu.cn)
  3. Master and Bachelor Students Completed:
    Ms. LIN BAOZHI (林宝治), Mr. LI DAWEI (刘大卫), Ms. QU YANG (曲阳), Ms. ZHENG SANCHUAN (郑三川), Mr. LIN YESHEN (林业深), Mr. HE JUNNAN (何俊男)



1) Total Suspended Matters, Surface Sediments and Box Cores
2) Marine Sediment Cores and River Sediments
3) Lake Sediment Cores

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  2. K. Selvaraj, B.Z. Lin, J.Y. Lou, X.T. Huang, C.T.A. Chen, 2016, Lacustrine sedimentological and geochemical records for the last 170 years of climate and environmental changes in southeastern China, Boreas 45, 165‒179.
  3. K. Selvaraj, T.Y. Lee, J.Y.T. Yang, E.A. Canuel, J.C. Huang, M. Dai, J.T. Liu, S.J. Kao, 2015, Stable isotopic and biomarker evidence of terrigenous organic matter export to the deep sea through hyperpycnal injection, Marine Geology 364, 32−42.