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Dr. Fengling Yu

Associate Professor

Email:  fengling.yu@xmu.edu.cn

Research Area: Coastal Environmental Change

Brief CV

  • Associate Professor, Xiamen University (2014 -)
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2010-2014)
  • PhD, Durham University, UK (2010)

Research Interests

Land-ocean interaction processes and sedimentary processes through time and space in estuaries and coastal regions; Impact sea level change on coastal regions.

Selected Publications

  • Yu F and Switzer A, 2014, Using geology as a tool for assessing coastal risk in Asia. In “Typhoon Impacts and Crisis Management”, Eds: Danling Tang, Guangjun Sui, Springer, 539-552.
  • Switzer A, Yu F, Gouramanis C, Soria J L A, Pham D, 2014. Integrating different records to assess coastal hazards at multi-century timescales. Journal of Coastal Research (SI). 70: 723-729. DOI:10.2112/S170-122.1.
  • Yu F, Switzer A, Zheng Z, Wang F, Huang Z, 2013. Sedimentary records as an indicator for palaeo typhoon hazards from the Rongjiang River Delta, Chaoshan Plain, southern China. Quaternary Sciences 33(6): 1171-1182. In Chinese with English abstract.