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Dr. Huaiyan Lei


Email:  lhy@xmu.edu.cn

Research Area: Continental geology,
marine environmental research

Brief CV

  • Professor, Xiamen University (2002- )
  • Professor, Gas Geochemical National Key Laboratories of Lanzhou Institute of Geology, CAS (1998)
  • Associate Professor, Lanzhou Institute of Geology, CAS (1993)
  • PhD, Geology and geophysic Institute, CAS (2001)

Research Interests

Continental and marine interaction with climate change marinegeologytitheoil resources and natural gas hydrate research, coast engineering R&D, dynamic process of marine environment

Selected Publications

  • Yang Yufeng, Lei Huaiyan*, Shi Chunxiao. Archaeal diversity analysis of core 973-3inthe potential area of gas hydratefrom northern South China Sea. Oil & Gas Geology, 2016, 37(3). doi: 10.11743/ogg201603.
  • Yang Yufeng, Lei Huaiyan*, Shi Chunxiao. The indicative effect of structures of archaeal communities at deep-water sediment cores on natural gas hydrate: A case study from Station 973-4 in the Southwest Taiwan Basin, South China Sea. Natural Gas Industry B,2 (2015): 542- 547.
  • Zhang Jie, Lei Huaiyan*, Wang Weiguo, et al. A model to calculate the depth of the SMI in sedimetns of the northern South China Sea. Earth Science Frontiers, 2015, 22(4): 290-298.