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Dr. Zhanrong Guo


Email:  gzr@xmu.edu.cn

Research Area: Coastal hydrogeology

Brief CV

  • Professor, Xiamen University (2008-)
  • Associate Professor, Xiamen University (2003-2007)
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Xiamen University (2001-2002)
  • PhD, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (2000)
  • BS, China University of Geosciences (1988)

Research Interests

Coastal hydrogeology, Interaction between groundwater and seawater, Submarine groundwater discharge and associated hydrogeochemical processes, SGD-derived dissolved substances to the coastal ocean, Submarine groundwater discharge impacts on the ecological environment of coastal ocean, Seawater intrusion in the coastal aquifers

Selected Publications

  • Liu, H-T., Guo, Z-R., Gao, A-G., Yuan, X-J., Zhang B., 2016, 18O and 226Ra in the Minjiang River estuary, China and their hydrological implications. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, v. 173, p. 93-101.
  • Yuan, X-J., Guo, Z-R., Ma, Z-Y., Zhang, B., 2015. The evaluation of submarine groundwater discharge in Jiaozhou Bay based on 222Rn mass balance. ActaGeoscienticaSinica, v. 36, p. 237-244.
  • Wang, B., Guo, Z-R., Yuan, X-J., Zhang, B., Ma, Z-Y., 2015. Water apparent ages and submarine groundwater discharge of Jiaozhou Bay indicated by radium isotope tracers. Oceanologia et LimnologiaSinica, v. 46, p. 88-95.