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Dr. Aiguo Gao


Email:  aggao@xmu.edu.cn

Research Area: Environmental impact assessment, Marine Geochemistry

Brief CV

  • Director of the Department of Oceanography, Xiamen University (2008.6-2013.2)
  • Professor, Xiamen University (2007.6-)
  • Senior visiting scholar, University of McGill, Canada (2005.4-2005.10)
  • Associate Professor & Professor, First Institute of Oceanography, SOA (1996.5-2007.5)
  • Assistant Engineer & Engineer, Beihai branch, SOA (1982.2-1996.4)
  • PhD, Institute of Oceanology, Academia Sinica (1992.9-1995.7)
  • BS, Zhejiang University (1978.3-1982.1)

Research Interests

Environmental impact assessment, Marine Geochemistry

Selected Publications

  • Gao Aiguo. Existing states of Copper in the hydrothermal activity area of the Middle Okinawa Trough. Chinese Science Bulletin, 1999.44 (S1):244-246.
  • Gao Aiguo, Liu Yanguang, Zhang Daojian, Sun Haiqing. Latitudinal distribution of iodine in sediments in the Chukchi Sea and the Bering Sea. SCIENCE IN CHINA (Series D). 2003,46(6):592-602
  • Gao Aiguo, Xu Fengshan, Sun Haiqing, Li Lon.Distribution of molluscan remains in the sediment of The Chukchi Sea and vicinity, Arctic. ActaOceanologicaSinica, 2003, 22(4):607-619