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The Second International Advisory Committee (IAC) Meeting

January 12th-13th, 2016
Chair:  James T. Liu (National Sun Yat-sen University)
Members: Chuck A. Nittrouer (University of Washington); David D. Sheu (National Sun Yat-sen University); Steven Kuehl(Virginia Institute of Marine Science, William & Mary); Pere Puig (Department of Marine Geosciences, CSIC); Michael Collins (University of Southampton)-not present

Beginning with the IAC members introduced by James Liu (Chair of International Advisory Committee of the Department of Geological Oceanography) and a self-introduction of current faculty members and affiliated faculty members of DGO, the 2nd IAC meeting saw its opening by Professor Kejian Wang and Minhan Dai.

After a review of the latest development of Xiamen University and MEL, research vessel construction in progress, and the planning stage of the deep-sea observation system, members present had enthusiastic discussions about how the above mentioned elements can help the establishment and operation of the new department, followed by a brief self-introduction of the new faculty members and affiliated faculty members of DGO by oral presentations.