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The First IAC Meeting

September 4-6, 2013
Chair:  James T. Liu (National Sun Yat-sen University)
Members:  Chuck A. Nittrouer (University of Washington); David D. Sheu (National Sun Yat-sen University); James P.M. Syvitski (University of Colorado-Boulder); L. Don Wright (Southeastern Universities Research Association); Michael Collins (University of Southampton)-not present
The IAC meeting was convened on September 4-6, 2013 on the Xiang’an and Siming campuses of Xiamen University in 10 different sessions in which the members were briefed by Prof. Minhan Dai (the Director of the Faculty of Earth Science and Technology) for an overview of the Faculty and Prof. Shaoling Shang (Vice Dean of Undergraduate Education of the College of Ocean and Earth Sciences) for the undergraduate curriculum of the college. The IAC members visited some facilities of the State Key Lab of Marine Environmental Science (MEL) and inspected the reserved space for the new department. The members also heard brief presentations by existing faculty members in the college who might contribute to the teaching and research of the new department. Dr. Haili Wang (Vice Dean of Facilities) gave a brief introduction on the history, design, and progress of the building project of the 3600-ton research vessel. Prof. James Syvitski gave an inspiring seminar entitled ‘Death by a thousand cuts-assessing the cumulative impact of humans on the landscape’ on Sept. 5.