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Education in DGO

The Department of Geological Oceanography (DGO) offers M.S. and PhD programs. Under the DGO, there are 4 majors: Geophysics, Geochemistry, Sedimentology, and Paleontology. The objective of geological oceanography graduate training is to help students adapt to the development and social demands of geological oceanography. With innumerous opportunities available, graduate students can be engaged in relevant activities at all levels in government departments, resource developments and management departments. Moreover, they would be well-prepared whether they are to work in science and technology enterprises or to continue to pursue a master degree or a doctor’s degree in related disciplines.
 The DGO pays more attention to the graduate training. To improve the capabilities of graduate students, the Department provides a series of practical and research-related activities such as field survey, research and data acquisition apart from the research program. In this way, students’ ability to independently research and work is greatly enhanced and their horizons are widely expanded. The DGO offers many exchange programs for graduate students to foreign famous universities, with graduate students sent to overseas universities for 1-12 months for exchange and study.
Students field survey.